The Epic Story - by Feroz


Mohammed Feroz 


Hi, I am Feroz (Momo), I  have been looking to involve myself into tee shirt business for over 7 years. It was very tough, putting everything together such as design, quality, the right supplier, right team etc… there was no team 7 years ago. It was myself trying to find the right supplier with help of Ravi, a friend of mine. Mainly I wanted to do this because I wanted to wear something that I am very comfortable with, not too flaunting but just perfect and makes me feel good, not necessarily look good but FEEL good! Finally after 2 years got a manufacturer and he became a very good acquaintance. Then there was a big gap where nothing happened for over 3 years due to lack of design ideas and creativity.


After which I came to know about Arun,  Asif’s college mate from Singapore. A very good visionary and an amazing designer I have met so far. This was perfect for what I was planning for the tee shirt brand.

We joined hands and decided to go ahead with our project. Pushed Arun to design with passion and he did exactly that. There were many hassles and we came out together solving all the issues and breaking all barriers.

We had to travel to Tirupur several times and communicate with our manufacturer the exact specifications for quality, color, design, type, measurements etc… It was all so confusing because of the fact that we were not from textile background. We finally managed all of it with the help of some experts in this business and we are now launching the product that we think is the best for our first attempt. Once you try it out you will surely know what I mean exactly.

The entire process took over 7 years of hard work. It has been an amazing experience and we cannot wait to share it with our friends and the world. Hope you will get to experience our product which is the result of our hard work and give us your valuable feedback to help us improve better and better.



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